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About Us

A Bit About Me

Turina and Sam

I was never an amazing seamstress. But I loved sewing and especially loved all the pretty new patterns.  I learnt to sew a little at home, some more at high school, where I sewed (badly, plus it was the 90s!!) all my satiny ball dresses.

Even more after school when I did exciting things such as applied design for fabric, and working in a jeans factory, trained in a cutting factory for a while and a huge suit factory in New Zealand before getting married.

My wedding dress has to be one of my favourite accomplishments, a bit of mum's wedding dress, a bit of mine, and all that hand beading, perfect. When children came along I didn't make everything for them, but I did love the cosutme making for their dress ups, I only wish I did more photo taking and less playing and sewing during this period, NOT!

Our crazy, gorgeous kids

The Business

After moving to Sydney, Australia I had the chance to buy a home schooling online store in 2012 which also happened to also stock sewing patterns!! I split the business in two, one selling Home School books and started Dreaming the Details, selling vintage and historical based sewing patterns.  Due to miscommunications and not being able to find out who to renew my domain name with, the website disentegrated, and by the end of 2013 the website went offline.  I then lost the domain name due to the ongoing problems, (it ended up being used for a site selling imitation Michael Kors products and really taken of the web), but finally hit on a new perfect domain name: The Sewing Movement!

Finally, 2016, the website is live, the blog is working, all is good.

What we do

Along with my husband (silent partner and financier!!) we are catering to a market that includes creative costume makers, historical festival goers, cosplayers, vintage lovers, and anyone who doesn't just follow the crowd in RTW fashion but creates their own path.

I'm always looking for patterns that inspire creativity, or takes you back to another time.  2016 is definitely time to expand our product range again, and maybe even design my own pattern, finally.

Rise up and Sew!