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102 Lady's Muumuu Sewing Pattern


Sizes small - XXL.  Please see back of pattern image for correct measurements.

Please review the measurement charts on each pattern before you cut out your fabric. Home sewing sizes are different than Ready-to-Wear sizes which you find in stores. Some mu’u mu’u designs are slightly shorter than others, so check the length too.

This is a simple pull-on style, with no darts. At the V-neck, there is a detachable triangular dickey, which can be made with different fabrics, varying the looks.

This dress looks best in soft fabric, although I have also made it in bark cloth. The firmer the fabric, the more "belled " the sleeve and hem ruffles will be. The softer the fabric, the more the ruffles will lie down, and twirl out only when you move.

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