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Clothing Collection 2

Clothing Collection-Tahi

Okay, so carrying on from the last post.  I haven't been drafting anything more yet, but designing the whole range.  It's all very exciting.   I've also found this place online where you design your own fabric upload the design to their website and you can order different kinds of fabric with you design printed onto it, how cool is that?  If you want to check them out they are called Spoonflower.   You sign up for an account and you can start uploading straight away, your design is saved into your library, and you can make collections, and also buy other peoples designs for your projects. I have just ordered a sample pack of the first designs I made for my collection, so just waiting for them to come!  Will pop them on the blog when I get them. While it is great to have my designs go from drawing them up to getting them delivered, it is expensive, and if I decide to go ahead and make up a whole collection, I will have to think twice about where I get the fabric printed.  I have thought about printing by hand, I love screen printing, and it would be mostly one colour printing, so not too much involved in set up and costs.  Otherwise I will have to look for somewhere that prints fabric, that doesn't mean taking out a small mortgage to pay for it! 14 August 2012 So I got the fabric samples!  It is so cool seeing your fabric designs in real life.  It is also handy to be able to make adjustments before you start ordering rolls for samples.  For example the pattern on one of the design samples is not the right size (see hearts below), for what Iam using it for.  Plus the colour on another sample is not quite how I pictured it, but that is what happens when you design on the computer! Anyhow, now I can get on with finishing up the drafting and getting the fabric printed, then it's sample time! Here is a sneak peek at the designs Not great pictures, but they were taken at night :)   Okay that's all for now got stuff to do.  Night.

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