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Using Sense and Sensibility Sewing Patterns: Part Two

Girl's Romantic Era Dress Sense and Sensibility patterns Sewing Examples



Not going to make a step by step, as the S&S instructions and website do that job so well, but just a few tips that I found whilst making up the dress: Pinning is important when using delicate materials such as muslin and voile, I know this from experience (see below).   As I worked in the commercial sewing industry, pre-marriage and family, I had gotten used to the quickness of not pinning most of my garment.   While it is quick, it is often not a good idea for the domestic sewing machine in my experience, or for the muslin, as it is too stretchy!

Example of why pinning is important:)  

Redone seam!

  Ironing, is also essential, at every step of construction.  Not only does it help make sure each piece fits together correctly, the seams lay correctly, and hems lay flat,  it makes the final garment look much neater. Making up The pantaloons was super fast to make.  I omitted the side seams to save time and I still have to get some white ribbon for the drawstring.  The dress was pretty quick and easy also, however I have yet to find the perfect ribbon to match a lemon dress.  I did change a couple of things, mainly just the order of sewing, and how I sewed them together, I don't think it made things easier, just my own preferences so won't bother journalling them here. I did have a few problems sewing the muslin, mostly because the material was so fine, but also because my sewing machine has a lot to be desired!  I ended up handsewing the button holes, the sleeve hem, and the bodice to skirt seam.  I now know how to do the button holes correctly by hand, they turned out alright as I did them, but they do not appear to be very rugged.  Will do them properly next time.   I also used french seams almost throughout, I love them now, and may never need an overlocker again!  There a variety of french seam tutorials on the net.  

Part 3 and some final photos

Nite, Turina.


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