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Children's sewing: Knits from a beginner

New Techniques

I have finally taken the next step in my sewing, I've tackled knits and won hehe! Now I have sewn some 'hard' to work with materials and techniques, silk, taffeta, many of meters of satin, lace, handsewing millions of beads, denim, etc.  but knit fabric always scared me!  I have tried,  halfheartedly, to manage knits, I always stretched them too much, the thread would snap, it was wrinkly or the needle wouldn't sew through the fabric properly.  Those with knit experience would be able to pick up straight away the mistakes I was making.
  • not using the right needle or a blunt needle
  • using thread that did not suit knit fabric.
  • stretching the fabric too tight
  • not using the right stitch
  • the wrong tension
Plus, from recent experience :)  and also what I have read, you really need to use the correct knit with the correct stretch for the article you are making.  I made my daughter a pair of tights, and unfortunately they are, well, tight, too tight and don't pull over the feet easily.  Plus if you have a twin needle, which I have always had but never known how to use :/, it adds that extra professional look.  I did have a few problems, and I finally broke the needle with some overenthusiastic top stitching, but it really makes a knit item look neat and tidy. I used the Izzy and Ivy pattern, Sweet Polly's Play clothes (which we stock in store here) to sew up a pair of tights and a singlet top which I embellished with embroidery around the neckline, I also sewed another singlet top using lace for the back.

Black lace-backed tank top

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="369,370,371,372,373"] I know some of the pics look a bit lopsided, but it is just the angle I took them at.

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