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I have just received my first parcel of patterns from Victoria Jones in Hawaii available in our shop now HERE!  I am very excited, they are floaty and romantic and just remind me of an island holiday.  The patterns I have chosen to stock initially, are classical Hawaiian dresses or muumuu, think Blue Hawaii, and a couple of resort wear pieces of clothing, especially handy seeing as summer is knocking on the door in this part of the world. From the Victoria Jones Collection website:
Victoria Jones Collection patterns are professionally drafted by hand, using classical techniques. The garments are then sewn and wear-tested several times. We check them for comfort and ease of movement; it is one thing to create a flat pattern design and quite another to create a design which is graceful in motion.
I will try and start some posts dedicated to the designer of each collection we stock, I think it is important that you are able to see that behind these awesome collections are real people, running their own businesses.  As with most of the patterns we stock, the designer is more than happy to hear from you when you have questions or even just to let them know how you found the patterns to sew up etc.  

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  • Serdar on

    I am so sad that the bubble dress is going. I have been in love with it for a long time. Seeings how we are on a buedgt and I have two boys, I couldn’t really justify a $16 DRESS pattern! I love all your patterns though, and can’t wait to see what comes next. I am sure it will be equally unique and amazing!

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