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Back and ready to party...


...Well ready for the new year anyway. As usual for the new year I have plenty of new years resolutions, and we have already started on the exercise getting into shape resolution, and we've started of well, not just saying but actually doing.  The best thing about it is that instead of just joining a gym and trying to force yourself to go, I've been trying to add moving into my daily routine.  I know not a new concept, but probably the easiest in terms of actually getting the time to exercise, a common excuse for more than just me I'm sure :)  Every weekend, we get up real early and start the day at the beach, we go for a run, jog, walk or bike ride with the kiddies, and then for a swim afterwards as our reward, and we've been loving it!  During the week, (I stay at home with the kids) I try and not put off those really hard jobs that are actually a great workout in disguise, like weeding the forest of a garden, washing the car, scrubbing the floors, clearing out the garages, decluttering those bedrooms and closets.  So have been using those as the warm ups then go for a jog or walk as the main activity.  I have even started walking to the mall instead of driving the very short distance, so all in all, a great start to the year.   So what has this got to do with creating great apparel, nothing really except this is the same process I have started using on my sewing and crafting goals, a little bit every day, and just keep moving, doing something;
  • I have started embroidery, not the technical fancy stuff just the easy stitches, running, backstitch, split stitch and trying to get the hang of french knots and satin stitch.  My main inspirations are coming from Sublime Stitching, which is putting the cool back into an already excellent pastime,  and also remembering the embroidery on my mum's stuff she used to do, not sure why she stopped might get her a teatowel or something from Sublime Stitching to start her up again hehe!  So I take my little embroidery bag wherever I go now, am working on a batiked and hand-painted butterfly I made when we had an art lesson recently with the kids.  The dyes I used were not the correct ones so it didn't batik(??) very well, so next option embroider in the details ;)
  • Carry on with last years job of mending and recycling old clothing and finishing WIP, has lost a bit of the shine in this area as mending is so tedious, and there are only so many recycled men's  tshirts one can wear!
  • I have also pulled out all my knitting and crocheting UFOs mainly toys, gloves and jumpers, If I still like the item being knitted I will finish, if I have lost interest and don't want it now it gets pulled of the needles and back into the stash..  I want to get them all out the way because I have some cool projects planned for this year including historical stuff for the Historical Sew Fortnightly group I just joined (see below)  and items I'd put in the too hard basket to even start, so yay!
  • I've recently joined The Historical Sew Fortnightly group, the organizer sets sewing goals to do with historical apparel, that they aim to finish on a fortnightly basis.   It is exciting because I finally get to start all those Sense and Sensibility projects I've been wanting to and slightly scary, because I am not technically a historical seamstress!  I mean I studied, very briefly, the history of clothing, but nothing major, so I really don't know what I am doing, whether my clothes will be historically accurate, etc.  Anyway it will be a bit of fun I hope, I already have an idea for 4 of the first seven fortnights.  Will post a link when I write the post :)
  • Plus, my final personal sewing goal for the year, is to throw out all my unloved items of clothing and create a new wardrobe with what I have left.  Am super excited about this and am also looking for a group or blog challenge to join for the year to keep me motivated :)
Business wise: well you'll just have to stay tuned :)

But my main goals things I want to explore besides offering beautiful patterns, is to have a range of fabric, put out a very small clothing range, and design some boys patterns or rtw clothing.  I always find or rather can't find any well designed clothing or sewing patterns for my 8 yr old son.  while there is some beautiful clothing ranges in the younger age range it sort of stops at 7 for some reason not sure why.  Boys no longer look cute? (beg to differ here lol!), not a lot of scope for different designs may be?  They get picky??  wear out their clothes too quickly, always look messy, don't care what they wear.  Who knows, I have seen some great blogs by super talented mums that do some great boys clothing, but just think there should be more available.

Anyway that's a few of my goals for 2013, wonder what my end of year wrap up will look like :)

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