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Final photos Girl's Romantic Era Dress and Pantaloons

Girl's Romantic Era Dress

Just looking at this photo of the pantaloons it seems that one side is longer than the other, that would be my last minute attempt at tucks, which were not very successful.  Great for play however.

Love the lemon, love the baby blue ribbon, love the floaty feel of muslin.   You can't see in the photo, but I hand sewed the ribbon to the dress and beaded along the top of the ribbon.  Surprisingly, all the hand sewing I did do on this dress didn't take too long, and added to the lighter feel of the dress.

I absolutely loved the muslin fabric, there are a few problems I need to work out, sewing wise, and it is quite hard to work with, but I will use it again as I love the way it falls and feels great when your wearing it.  So that's it for now, not sewing the pinafore yet, am getting excited about beginning to design our range of clothing for our website.   Have started drafting out basic pattern blocks and will post when I have something ready.


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